Shaded by century old trees and the majestic Barú Volcano, lulled by
the singing of the quetzal bird and the murmur of the wind, a great coffee grows and matures


Our Founder was a man of many passions, one of them was serving his country, which led him to be elected President of the Republic of Panama three times, his other passion was coffee harvesting and “its scarlet cherries with golden grains.” This intense passion led him to pause his political career in 1951 and invest time and resources in bringing the most innovative coffee production and branding methods of his time to Boquete, as he believed in producing the best quality coffee. His determination led to the beginnings of Café Princesa Janca in Panama and its exports abroad.

Dr Arnulfo Arias. Café Princesa Janca
Mireya Moscoso. Café Princesa Janca


Café Princesa Janca derives from the arabica variation, as most coffees do. We take our coffee processing seriously, which is why we are constantly investing in coffee tasting sessions in order to improve quality and to monitor our performance in the months prior to the harvest, where much of the hard work is done in the field.


Green Coffee Beans

Café Princesa Janca 30Kg

Shipments from 20-60 kg per bag.

Whole Beans / Ground Coffee

Café Princesa Janca Tostado Molido

Boxes of 24 or 36 units of whole coffee beans or ground coffee.

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